Get Your MoonCat(s) Acclimated

Isaic Young
4 min readJun 7, 2021

The following will provide the (Purrrfect) steps required to acclimate your original (non wrapped) fur ball(s).

Let’s get to it.

  1. Go to the following site: . Click on the PLAY link across the top menu of the page.
  2. Once on the PLAY screen click on MoonCat Acclimator link.

3. On The Acclimator screen click on the CONNECT WEB3 button. It will then launch an option to connect a wallet. In this scenario MetaMask will be selected. It will prompt you to click on Next (Make sure it is on the ETH account you want selected). Then click on the Connect button.

4. After the connection is complete The Acclimator page will display.

5. Now click on the MCR ACCLIMATOR link. This will show your little fur balls on the preparation deck. Notice that it will also show the status of your cats being one of 3 types at this point. If they are wrapped make sure to use that specific acclimator and instructions.

6. You can now start to PREPARE your cats for acclimation. Click on PREPARE under your cat. You can click PREPARE for more than one MoonCat at a time. They will each create their own transaction and you will need to wait for them all to complete before batch-acclimating them, but you can kick off all the PREPARE at once.

7. Once you click Confirm then it will begin to process the transaction. It can be seen in your wallet Activity and in Etherscan. Click on the transaction to follow a link to Etherscan.

8. Here is an example of the full Etherscan view. You will see a green Success message when the transaction has completed.

9. After each successful PREPARE transaction you will see your cat move to the MoonCat Acclimator pods. In my case I have 3 cats, thus all 3 eventually were chillin like Pawdacious villains.

10. Once all of your cats are on their pods it is time to finally ACCLIMATE your cats. NOTE: You can acclimate all your cats at the same time and it is recommended to save on gas by doing it with one transaction. Click on ACCLIMATE <insert # of cats> MOONCAT(S) button. This will kick off your wallet transaction.

11.You should see your wallet prompting you to confirm the transaction. NOTE: This is likely to be a more expensive transaction compared to the previous PREPARE steps. You can refer to the details on the MoonCats site that helps explain why this is the case.

12. After the transaction completes successfully the following message will be displayed.

13. Click on HURRAY! to clear the screen. You should now see the total number of cats you own listed as ACCLIMATED and no longer any sitting in their pods on the MCR ACCLIMATOR page.

14. If you are up for it take a look at them in the LOUNGE. Maybe even turn on the BLINKENLIGHTS and get ready for some PawDancing!

15. Once settled down from all that furry fun there is an option to add your MoonCats as a token to your wallet. Click on the button to start the wallet prompts.

This now ends our little journey. I am off to take a cat nap.